Q and A

im back! time for a Q and A! ask me anything you think I could possibly answer. Ps I will answer back to you as soon as I can. (im at the library)


Like with Tom, it has been cold here for the past month, so I wrote a song: Do You Wanna Build A Thermonuclear Heating System? Here it goes

Do you wanna build a thermonuclear heating system? Come on it’s really cold! I think I’m gonna die outside, this wasn’t the spring I had in mind, the degrees are dropping low! It used to be so warm, and now it’s not, I wish I had a stronger furnace! Do you wanna build a thermonuclear heating system, Do you wanna build a thermonuclear heating system?

Confession Time! :(

Hey ya’ll. Sorry I’ve not posted much lately. It is ’cause I haven’t had time to. Reason being I’ve been playing board games, writing a book, and drawing comics. Maybe I’ll have more time to post once I’ve finished my book. Also, I might be able to give you guys the first chapter of my book free, as a sampler, you know, once it’s done.

I have returned

yep the title says it all. I’ve changed a lot while I left. I can’t play minecraft on PC anymore. I’m into The Simpons, stuff like dat. And remember a year ago when I showed u a picture of terraria? Well I will post another picture soon.