2014 Review For Austin

Janurary: Austin you know what happned. [Mewtwogami City was deleted] Austin you DID disspaer and Me and Gandalf were worried sick! Gandalf got a new site! Whew.

Feburary: We had a LOT of new admins join in 2 DAYS! Also wbfirk left and SF Zod left too. I went into hiding… [But only awesome stooky sfs will find me] wbfirk became admin and came back by the name ”K” zod started a new site. I had a vaction in florida [No i did not see DJ Fett 😦 ] I started a new contest. I started a new company called ”The Purple Ninja Studios” [Also callled TPNS] sfmagicman started a company called ”The Orange Ninja Studios” [or TONS] I changed my wordpress name to Purple Ninja! Moochael stopped a long time conflict. Whew.


That’s all! – Darthcjdude aka The Purple Ninja

NOTE TO AUSTIN: This is to catch you up on what’s happened since januarry. Since we last saw u at like december.


3 thoughts on “2014 Review For Austin

  1. This can also catch some NEW SF’s up on what’s been happening. I’m sort of a old dude. I’ve been in this commutiy since like May 2013. So many many other SF’s started like 2 or 3 mouths ago.

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