The Difference between Ben and Obi-Wan

All right some people keep saying that the instrux that Tom made for Foldy-Wan is the real one but, it ain’t! The ones that Tom made is for Ben Kenobi. Why do you think that it tells you to draw on his facial features? It’s Ben Kenobi because on the cover for Princess Labelmaker it shows a chalk drawing of him. No Obi-Wan. Here’s a comparison

Foldy Wan  Ben Kenobi


I guess in the books Tom was trying to draw Ben but, since he likes adding details to his drawings and he needed a pun for the name he decided to draw him very similar to the Obi-Wan from Episode 2-3 and the one from the Clone Wars. Thats why people think it is Ep 2-3 Kenobi. Instrux for my Obi-Wan are on the EU. But, I can’t find them. Instrux for Ben is




Random Sayings

Be nice to random hobos. Also DON’T kick them off trains. – Darthcjdude

Belive in your shelf. STUPID AUTO CORRECT! – Darthcjdude

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New contest!

All right. Here’s a new contest. Take a picture or scan your favourite Chapter from Princess Label Maker. (Or a regular one) Send them to The person to send in more chapters wins!

Good luck! The prize is instructions for Kit Fisto! Here’s how he looks like.