Possible theories of Star Wars Ep.7

1. The Emperor might come back as a ghost

2. Mara Jade might me introduced

3. The Death Star could be rebuilt into something even stronger

4. The Emperor’s ghost might take over the body of a jedi to rebuild the Sith Empire ( Possibly Luke )

5. This might have Han and Leia’s kids as teens. 18 or 16. And Adam Driver might play Jacen Solo aka Darth Caedus.

6. Luke might mentor his son and his sister’s kids.

7. The force ghosts ( Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda etc) might help Luke build a place to train padowans which will be hidden away from baddies.

8. All of the dead siths might also return and take over the bodies of innocent people. They might build droids to keep their force ghost in them.

9. Boba Fett survived the sarlacc attack and find out that his father is alive.

10. Mace Windu will reutrn as a evil force ghost to get revenge on Anakin  by killing Luke, Leia, and their children.


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