Again….. Banner!

I heard the minecraft “CobraCraft” server has gone into madness, and Zod is setting up a project and a server war!! Sorry, I won’t be there. Ill be playing on mini-game servers. Plus only ONE computer in the WHOLE world is the ONLY one I can play minecraft on. 😦 


and that computer is not at my house…………… 

Anyways to the lighter news….. I still need that banner! For YouTube. My channel is about: origami, comdey, minecraft, Roblox.

So the banner is gonna look like this: Me in minecraft with Enderman_Zod and DigletTheMiner fighting pigs, A creeper spying on the battle, A few dogs watching. Herobrine with flint and steel in his hand. And diamonds flying in the air. 

If u don’t know what the skins are, mine and Zod’s are our Gravatar. And the others you will have to get the app, SkinSeed, and search up the usernames.


10 thoughts on “Again….. Banner!

  1. … I dont normally go on other Superfolder blogs, but this is an emergency, we need to get the word out. Even though “” is out of commission, the original “” was kind of left for dead, but you can still comment on it. The Superfolder s could remain there untill this whole troll thing blows over. Spread the word

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