Banner, Please.

So, I am gonna be a youtuber, along with Zod, Scoutnando, and CJ. So I need a banner. I COULD do one myself, but if you do this, you get a TON of recognition on my channel. There will be a link to your channel, a shout out for most videos, and altogether awesomeness. ¬†BTW I know I don’t need a banner till I’m famous, but I like them.

So, the things I want in my banner:

1. Me, Firk, Zod, and CJ all fighting Ghasts in the foreground.

2. We all have Bows.

3. I need to have a Baskin Robins/Dunkin Donuts, and a Taco Bell in the background.

4. And finally, I want Creepers Behind us trying to blow us up.

Thanks if you do this, and if you need help, Mine, Zod, and DJ’s skins are the gravatars fo the three of us. As for Firk, go to novaskin and look up TheDigletMiner.