From Then To Now: How I got to where I am now.

 all started in May 2013. I made the blog. I made the username.  My username was, darthcjdude. Since  “Superfolder CJ” was allready taken. I kept posting awful posts. The problem was, NO ONE WAS THERE EXCEPT ME!!!!!!!!!  I figured this out in June 2013.  So I started advertising. THAT got the attention of, as I like to say, THE RPG GROUP. here is how THAT started, I went to a boy named “DJ Fett” s site. He had like me, almost no followers. Soon, Darth Noah, AustinM, AustinC, Gandalf, and WBFirk came to the site. We all followed his site. Then he made an Star Wars RPG. That was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!! It got all of us together, therefore creating THE RPG GROUP! containing, Me, DJ Fett, Darth Noah, Gandalf, AustinM, AustinC, and the newest member, and brother to DJ….. LENNY FETT!!!!! 

CHAPTER TWO: Hackers Aboard!!

July was a harsh part of my summer. July 2013 I mean. Lenny got sick for 3 weeks. JC and The Evil Jawa had a big war. WBFirk started to get blamed for bad things. Suddenly WBFirk was banned from most places. However he did nothing wrong. Then a week after all of that, A comment on my site said, ” GIVE UP YOUR SITE!!!!” 10 mintutes after that, another read: “WHEN IM DON HACKING UR SITE WILL BE DEAD!!!” me and DJ were able to contact each other, after we told are parents of course. Aparttly he had been spamming on the EU!!!! AND DJS SITE!!! DJ ACTAULLY GOT HACKED!!!! And one of my comments was changed by the hacker to say: Haw Hee MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!    OH WHY?!?!?!?! the hacker got banned from the EU. and nardagami. (DJS blog) and mine. I hired DJ. To protect my site.



In early August 2013. DJ ran away. From his home in real life, and his cyberspace home. Nardagami Network was deleted. 3 days later, DJ was found. And he made a new website.  2 weeks after that, JABBA THE PUPPET CAME OUT!!!! I had a party with firk and AustinC.

school started up…..  😦  😥 

My staff grew! :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:   Septemebr came. October came. November Came. December Came.  Then the new year! 





First I tracked down Gandalf. We chatted about Mewtwogami being gone. Then (since most of the RPG group’s members had left or gone into hiding. ) I went to find some more friends. I FOUND: SFMAGICMAN, ZOD, CHIPPY, DARTHSHREDDER (a fellow darth!) MOOCHAEL, THE ORE BROS, CREASEMONKEY, and lots of other people. On Feburary, I hired LOADS AND LOADS OF MORE STAFF. (In just two days I had an army of admins!)  PS: I also found StookyLukey, Ella, And PausenP. Sorry if I missed you! After I had my staff army rise, I went on vacation for a week. March quickly passed by. April did too. In May, WE HAD OUR 1 YEAR ANIVIRSTY!!!!! 

And that is how I got to where I am.

– Darthcjdude.





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