Disney XD Review.


Lab Rats: B + Reason: The show is kinda funny, but kinda hard to understand if you don’t watch the first episode first.

Kickin It: B+ Reason: Cool. Funny, I don’t record it, but I watch it if nothing else is on.

Wonder Over Yonder: C+ Reason: I don’t watch it, but it seems OK.

Gravity Falls: A++++++++++++++++++++ Reason: SO FUNNY. SO AWESOME.and it started an ENTIRE fandom. GO GRAVITY FALLS
Phineas And Ferb: A+ Reason: Cool. Awesome. funny.

Pacman: F+ Reason: it used to be an A+ but then it got kinda babyish…
The 7D: D+ Reason: Embaressing to watch.
Doreman: A+ Reason: I think it is awesome.
Mighty Med: A+ Reason: Cool. Cool.
Crash And Bearnstin: A++ Reason: AWESOME AWESOME!


5 thoughts on “Disney XD Review.

  1. I only watch Phineas and Ferb and sometimes Wander over Yonder. I hate the PacMan show! It is a disgrace tp the game! I mostly just watch Regular Show on CN.

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