;( The End This Is?!??!

Alright. I am done. OrigamiYoda.com is a mess, Tom is angry, People have been insulting me, being mean to me, all kinds of bad stuff. I will not make another post until August 31. One more bad thing and I am gone forever. You won’t lose contact with me though. On Instagram I am: Darthcjdude
On minecraft I am: Darthcjdude.
On Skype. I am: C.J. Jones. So long my friends. ;(

Signed, DarthCJDude. “the youngest SF ever.”

PS: however I will make a post on July 21 which is my birthday.


17 thoughts on “;( The End This Is?!??!

  1. So dramatic…
    But you have a point about it all. And for once someone isn’t pranking us or leaving for some obscure reason. We will miss you.

  2. Whaaat…

    I never even met you before. Call me ROP when you see this username. Don’t go!

    It’s OBVIOUS we don’t want you to go! Pleeeeeease!

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