heroes of the world.

Epic the hedgehog aka epic the hedgehog.

Power list.

Super speed and gadgets

Multi power aka Nathaniel Bartholomew electric.

Power list.

Super speed gadgets super strength fire water lightning rock ice flight and magic.


Superhero’s of the Future! – Meet the cast!

Mega Boy A.K.A Daniel Myers
Power List

Super-Strength, Flight, Invulnerable, Energy Blast, Super-Genius.

Bubble Kid A.K.A Steve Macintosh
Power List

Shoot bubbles that catch things

Pyro Boy A.K.A Kyle Lane
Power List

Shoot flames from hand, Flame proof suit.

Brick Boy A.K.A Alex Lane
Power List


Laser Kid A.K.A Karsten Myers
Power List

Shoot Lasers from hands, Super-Speed.

Randy Rubber A.K.A Randy Rason
Power List

Turn into almost anything, Can stretch 500 ft.