A History Of DarthCJDude

In march, my best bud Grant got a book at the book fair. The book was called “Darth Paper Strikes Back!”. After that, Grant got me obsessed with origami! Then I learned of WordPress, and then I found origamiyoda.com. I sent Tom an origami George Lucas and he said I’m now a SF! (That George Lucas is still on the site) THEN, I learned of the EU and Jacob Minch, then I got a WordPress site and THEN a Gravata, some cool origami, then I made some SF friends. Now, the DarthCJDude Official Site will be even better someday…..

DJ’s Comment: And I’m sure it will!
Darthcjdude’s comment:Thanks Buddy!
Gandalf (Parker)’s Comment: U Guys Are Stooky
Darthcjdude’s comment: Party Peoples woo


Admiral Saxophone wuz here 😀

Chippy: A potato flew around my room before you came… ♣





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