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I love The Kingdom Keeper Book series, Marvel, Legos, Music, Sonic the Foldhog, origami and stuff.

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Sonic the Foldhog By: SF LTROCKS

Yolo peeps!!! It’s me LTROCKS (If you don’t know me then maybe check out my blog: http://ltrocks2.wordpress.com ) I’m about to release my first book Sonic the Foldhog on my second website http://ltrocks3.wordpress.com so if you want to read it be sure to check out my blog offen. I will be putting up little thing about my book on my first blog, http://ltrocks2.wordpress.com , so check out that blog to. The book is owned by two companys, my company TheAtlantisRockers and a company Dathcjdude wanted to be owned by. It is The Purple Ninja Studios. This is also a blog so also go to http://thepurpleninjastudios.wordpress.com. So yay, by-WAIT!!! You guys get the first look at the book cover! Here it is…

imageNow I can say it…