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I'm a superhero, padawan learner, hobbit, and all around nerd/geek mash up. So, fallow my Magicmans Blog, or whatever you want. I don't really care. I'm weird like that. And I'm a geek... So ya.

I’m back! Also, a doodle!

I’m back, and for good (I hope)!

Magicman's Doodling!

First off, I wanna say I’m back bros! I should be posting a lot more!

Second, here’s my first doodle to be posted here, Barry the blogging burger! Here he is: Barry

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Like with Tom, it has been cold here for the past month, so I wrote a song: Do You Wanna Build A Thermonuclear Heating System? Here it goes

Do you wanna build a thermonuclear heating system? Come on it’s really cold! I think I’m gonna die outside, this wasn’t the spring I had in mind, the degrees are dropping low! It used to be so warm, and now it’s not, I wish I had a stronger furnace! Do you wanna build a thermonuclear heating system, Do you wanna build a thermonuclear heating system?

Confession Time! :(

Hey ya’ll. Sorry I’ve not posted much lately. It is ’cause I haven’t had time to. Reason being I’ve been playing board games, writing a book, and drawing comics. Maybe I’ll have more time to post once I’ve finished my book. Also, I might be able to give you guys the first chapter of my book free, as a sampler, you know, once it’s done.

Superhero’s of the Future! – Meet the cast!

Mega Boy A.K.A Daniel Myers
Power List

Super-Strength, Flight, Invulnerable, Energy Blast, Super-Genius.

Bubble Kid A.K.A Steve Macintosh
Power List

Shoot bubbles that catch things

Pyro Boy A.K.A Kyle Lane
Power List

Shoot flames from hand, Flame proof suit.

Brick Boy A.K.A Alex Lane
Power List


Laser Kid A.K.A Karsten Myers
Power List

Shoot Lasers from hands, Super-Speed.

Randy Rubber A.K.A Randy Rason
Power List

Turn into almost anything, Can stretch 500 ft.