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Yes, but Toby, WHERE DO THEY GO?!?!

State Of Emergency!!

Hello everyone, it’s me (surprisingly, I went into hiding a while back, and when I tried to come back, I started Origami War II) and the super folder world is in jeopardy! WHAT WILL WE DO?! An SF threatened another SF, OY EU is private, and.. well, I don’t know what! I’m calling this a State Of Emergency!



Hello? Any body here??

What’s dat thing above this sentence?





Where do they go????!!!!

DarthCJDude: HERO!

Mr. CJDude saved Yveltalgami, formerly known as NN 2, from the evil Taamaarainian cluches of Starfire from another dimension!

He led her to a site that she can’t leave, and saved me, because she kidnapped me!

But like I said on Yveltalgami, I’m not going Princess Peach-y on him for 2 reasons:

1. I’m a boy!

2. Princess Peach is nostrul.

[Nostrul means ‘Worse than ‘sucks”]

See ya later here or at Yveltalgami!

Hey Guys! News…

Here is the news for this month:

SF Austin is now helping Mr. CJDude with his website! Thanks, Darth!

The Amazing DJ Fett has been found by his stooky bro, Lenny!

Nahdarigami Net. was NOT deleted by DJ! It was by his mom! Visit the new NN, http://nahdarigaminetworkr.wordpress.com/ ! Along with NN, Origami Yoda the EU was almost deleted and NN 2 was almost deleted! Whew!

DarthCJDude might be getting a job on NN 2! Congrats, DarthCJDude!

And that’s the news! Toon in next month for more!