End News: Issue #1

Mr. Enderman: Welcome to End News!

Mrs. Pig: Yes, welcome! Today, on End News, We interview a Villager!

(At the local Village)

Interviewer Steve: Hi, I’m Interviewer Steve, and today I’m interviewing Mr. Villager!

Mr. Villager: Hello. Would you like an emerald. It will only cost 4 bread.

Interviewer Steve: No thank you. Um, so, Mr. Villager, why do you cheat and make horrible trades?

Mr. Villager: I do that?

Random Sheep: Baaa.

Mr. Villager: Be quiet!

Interviewer Steve: Um, can we get back on track, please?

Mr. Villager: Huh?

Interviewer Steve: Okay. I give up. This has been Interviewer Steve, reporting for End News!

(Back at the End News station)

Mr. Enderman: Okay thats all for today, but join us next week for an Interview with a player named: endergandalf!


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