End News: Issue #2!

Mr. Enderman: Hello, and welcome to End News!

Mrs. Pig: Yes, welcome, and today we are going to interview a player, and make jokes for half an hour!

Darthcjdude: What? I don’t have that long!

Mr. Enderman: To bad! Anyway, over to you, Interviewer Steve!

Interviewer Steve: Thank you, Mr. Enderman! Today I’m here with a local player, endergandalf!

endergandalf: Thanks for having me, Steve!

Interviewer Steve: You are very welcome! So, why did you change your skin to Herobrine in a blue hoodie?

endergandalf: Well, I did it because it looks awesome!

Interviewer Steve: What gave you the idea for the name endergandalf?

endergandalf: Well, I was making a Minecraft Account, and sense Enderman are the coolest mob in the game–

Mr. Enderman: See! I told you!

endergandalf: As I was saying there the coolest mob an the game, and Gandalf from LOTR is awesome, I thought: Why not!

Interviewer Steve: Well, that raps it up for this interview! See ya next time!

Mr. Enderman: Well, now for End News Weather! Over to you, Weather Man Zod!

Zod: Well, today it is a  ten percent chance of rain, and a perfect night to play Minecraft! And thats the forecast!

Mr. Enderman: Well, thats about all the time for today! Say goodnight, Gracie!

Zod, Interviewer Steve, and endergandalf: Goodnight Gracie!


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