Where’s my origami? part 2! (also an Orange Ninja production)

Jeez… By Nobody ok… so tommy with lego luke are on lego hoth right now…. Harveys comment: BWHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!! Tommys comment: Uh Oh….
Playin CP By Kellen I was playin Club Penguin (my CP name is Ajcj124) When Tommy called Me! He said that i need to come to him with LEGO C-3PO (artoo had LEGO Ar2-D2) So i logged out of CP and went to lego hoth… Doom! By Tommy so lots of kids were chasing us on lego hoth so me and luke worked together! and the LEGO rebels won! and kellen got there late.. i flew to lego dagaboa with artoo and lego luke and lego ar-2d2 while sara Kellen and rollndla and lego han cheiwe leia and c3po flew to lego cloud city i trained with dwight and lego yoda and did good! after that i went to lego kamio for a minute.. Funess! By Tommy i saw hot tubs there! so i got in there for an hour. Heh-Heh! so when i got there… By Tommy i found vader and harvey I had a duel with them luke lost his lightsabr and his hand… Huh? by SF CJ i was on an airplane with.. JC,JD,DJ Fett,Darthcjdude,wbfirk,The Evil Jawa, Stooky sauce,Robby,Jedi Gage, ya mostly all of the SFs! it was a SF army! THE END! or is it……
coming soon.. PART 3!


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