The Origami Teen Titans.

NOTE: ummm… All the chapters will be based off Teen Titans episodes and Teen Titans GO! episodes. Team: Robin: Tommy. Raven: Cassie. Beast Boy: Kellen Cyborg: Dwight Starfire: Sara.

Lengandary Sandwich
By Cassie and Tommy
Cassie’s part: So I was watching My Little Pony in the titan treehouse with origami raven. And then Tommy Dwight and Kellen came over. I quickly turned the show off, ”So then I kicked Harvey into the wall!” said Tommy. ”HAHAHAHAHAH Oh my that is great payback!’ said Kellen. ”Purple” said Dwight. So then I got REALLY REALLY mad, and I got out my very own, BOOK OF LEGENDS THAT ARE FAKEtm! I flipped to one of the most lamest stories: THE MAGICAL SANDWICH. ”AHEM!” I screamed. Everyone looked my way even Sara who was making chili.

”Once upon a time, there was a king who had a powerful sandwich.
then his son tried to steal it then the king had it destroyed. THE END but the pieces are still in hiding.” I read. Tommy said ”WHOA! but that sandwich isnt as good as mine.” ”Hey what is my little pony doing on netflix?” said Kellen. ”Uhhhh i dunno hey what about that sandwich heh heh ehhhh.” I said. Sara and Starfire went to look for the outer space one. Kellen refolded beast boy into a Praie Dog and dug to look for the underground peice. Dwight and OriCyborg went to a feiry volcano to look for it. ”You must have a great awesome place for me!” said Tommy. ”Oh yes I do… THE SUPERMARKET!” I said. Tommy said ”ARRGHHHHHHH!” ”FINE FINE!” Said tommy.
as soon as he left the treehouse I laid back on the sofa. ”Ahhhhhh” I said. Sara’s pink dog named silke laid with me. SARA’S PART: I found the piece right away but a big huge bully was in muh way.He pulled off my hair. I beat him up. ”YOU MESS WITH MY HAIR I MESS WITH YOU!!! ARRGHHHHH!” I said. I then got the piece. NOTE FROM DARTHCJDUDE: I’m not going to write all this down. Basicly what happens to sara happens to all of them except Cassie and Tommy. Tommy’s part: I waited and waited and waited AND waited. 39 hours later…. ”I GOT IT!” I yelled.
Back at the titans treehouse…. Cassie: ITS REAL? Tommy: Yep. Of course it is. Dwight, Sara and Kellen: NO FAIR! WE GOT BEAT UP FOR LIKE 3 HOURS AND ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS WAIT!?!? Tommy and Cassie: Yep. then Silke the dog ate the sandwhich…. He started to fly to hevean but then puked and fell back down. Harvey’s Comment: Origami Slade and I will ruin ur little party….
Tommy’s comment: Uh oh…..


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