The Rise Of The Origami Teen Titans By SF austin

The Rise of the Origami Teen Titans

By SF Austin

The New Kid (It Seems Like Every Case File Starts With This)

By Tommy

(Teen Titans Theme Song Playing)

It all started after Kellen finished filling Dwight in on the latest “Teen Titans: GO!” episode, “You’re fired!” Literally, right after he finished talking, a guy came over to us and said,” Hey, I’m Jay, and I just transferred here from Jump Middle.”

And, of course, as always, HARVEY BUTTS IN.

“Jump Middle? Seriously?! L- A -M- E!”

Harvey said so loudly that Mrs. Calhoun came over and started to lecture him about how to be quiet. We took that five minutes as a time to talk to him.

“Hi, I’m Tommy, and this is Kellen, Murky, Lance, Sara, Rhondella, and-”

I said. Dwight was no longer in his seat.

“Where’s Dwight?” Jay asked.

”I don’t- Hey! How do you know Dwight’s name?” I asked back.

“I’ve read all of your case files,” Jay said.

I then said, “How did you get your hands on my case files?! It’s not like they’re published books!”

“Actually, a man named Tom Angleberger published them and they now are published books,” Jay replied.


“What’s wrong, Tommy?” Kellen asked.

“I suppose you should know the truth. Listen up,” I said.

The Angleberger Truth

By Tommy

“See, Tom Angleberger is-” Darth Paper then butted in and said, “His father.”



everyone yelled in union. “Sigh. Yes…” Tommy said.

Can We Talk About Titans?

By Sara

 “Can we talk about this later? I reeeeeally want to show you guys something I made specially since I was coming to McQuarrie Middle!” Jay said. Everyone slowly turned their heads from Tommy to Jay. “Are you ready?” Jay said.

Before anyone could answer, Dwight swung over us on a rope yelling,” YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”

He then crashed through a window and Lando’d, I mean landed in some bushes outside. Mrs. Calhoun screamed and ran out of the library, probably to help Dwight.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Glad you asked, Sara,” Jay said. He pulled the 5 Teen Titans out of his bag, Robin, Starfire (my personal favorite,) Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg.

“It’s the Teen Titans, and they’re going to save the school!” Robin then fell out of his standing pose. “Or something!”

Shrade (Sher Aed)

By Jay

Shrade is basically an Origami Slade. Take a guess at who holds it? Not Harvey. Not Jacob. Not Kellen. The person who has it is……

MY *BROTHER BRYAN!!! (*Makes me think of Brother Blood…)

At home, Bryan attacked me with Shrade. Robin hit Shrade off his finger, but Bryan grabbed him and put him back and said, “You’re too slow, Robin. You always were.”

“What are you planning, Bryan?!” I yelled.

” Seismic Shredders. 2 of them. In 3 short hours, they will activate and all Origami and Kirigami within a 100- mile radius will be destroyed.” Shrade/Bryan said calmly. Without even making Robin say anything, he yelled, “Titans, GO!!”

I jumped out the window.

Weirder Than Dwight

By Jay

After hitting the wet ground outside, (It was raining), I looked down and saw that I WAS WEARING EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF ROBIN’S SUIT.

“GASP! What’s going on?!” I yelled.

“You’re the new Robin,” a familiar voice said.

I looked up, and the original Teen Titans were standing in front of me.

“Put those Origami in your pocket,” Raven said. “As long as they’re with you, we’re real people.”

I put them in my pocket, and said the last thing left to say: “Titans, GO!!”

The Seismic Shredder Guardians

By Jay


When we got to the first Seismic Shredder, it was in front of the mall. Randy the Mall Cop was in front of it, and we asked him to move.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Randy yelled, and then morphed into Mammoth.

Cyborg jumped in front of us and yelled, “You guys disable the Shredder; I’ll take Mammoth!!!”

“No problem,” Raven said, and disabled the shredder with magic.

Cyborg walked back over with Randy in the middle of a small crater. “Let’s go,” He said.


The next Shredder was located in front of the school.

“Achoo!!! Achoo!!!  Great, now I have a cold,” Beast Boy said.

I felt something gooey in my pocket, and pulled out Origami Beast Boy with snot all over him. I wiped it all off, and Beast Boy said that his cold was gone all of a sudden. Interesting, I thought.

Starfire was deactivating the Shredder when Jinx came out of the ground.

“Hey, Starfire! Catch!” Jinx yelled while throwing a pink ball of sizzling energy at Starfire.

”Nooo….” a deep voice said. Jinx and the ball immediately disappeared.

“Finished!” Starfire said happily.

“NO YOU AREN’T!!!!!!!” Bryan yelled.

The Final Battle with  Shrade

By Jay

All the Titans disappeared. It was just me, Bryan, Shrade, and the Origami Titans.

“Titans, GO!!” I yelled. I threw all of them at Shrade.

The Titans knocked Shrade off his finger and it landed in a puddle of mud.



By Tommy

The next day, Jay said that he was going back to Jump Middle.

“Aww. Well, we’ll miss you. Bye!” I said.

“Bye.” He started walking off , just a shadow on the sunset.


Origami Raven had fallen out of his pocket. I picked it up to give it to him, but he was gone. I put her on my finger.

“He’s not creepy, he’s just…. different.” Raven said.


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