Super-Gami – the Man Of Fold

Chapter 1

By Tommy

NO WAY! SOMEONE WEIRDER THAN DWIGHT! Sorry, I get excited. Anyway, a kid named Daniel came to school with an origami Superman!  He was pretty good, and VERY detailed. Down to the cape! Anyways, this is a case file of the question: is Superman better than Yoda?

Chapter 2

By Kellen

Soapy and Mr. GCF were hired, again! Though, he wasn’t as bad this time. Well, at least he wasn’t talking nonstop about hygiene and germs, he breathed this time. We decided to ask Yoda why they kept hiring Mr. GCF.  “Super-Gami you must ask, erm?” Yoda said. “Bu-” I started. “MUST!” So we went and asked him. “They do it for you kids, so you don’t start looking like Parasite.” Super-Gami said. “Who?” Lance asked. “Parasite, you know, Superman Villain?” Daniel said. Later we researched Parasite, and it turns out, Daniel was RIGHT!

Tommy’s Comment: And he was right about Mr. GCF, too.

Harvey’s Comment: No Comment

Chapter 3

By Dwight

HI! Purple.

Tommy’s Comment: Ummm…

Harvey’s Comment: Dwight, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

Dwight’s Comment: PURPLE!

Chapter 4

By  Lance

PIK POK PETE! SOAPY WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, so you are wondering what that was about, I DON”T KNOW! Super-Gami said so! I really think Daniel IS CRAZY! ITS TREW! I SPELLED THAT WRONG! I AM WRITING IN PEN!

Tommy’s Comment: No Comment

Harvey’s Comment: Also No Comment

Chapter 5 (Secret)

By  Harvey

Just what we DON’T need at this school, a paperwad Superman, HAS COME! So I, Harvey Cunningham, have made something strong enough to destroy Super-Gami! He is… General Fold!

Chapter 6

By Kellen

Nostrul! Harvey brought something terrible to school! An origami General Zod! AHHHHH PANIC!!!

Harvey’s Comment: MOOHAHAHAHA!

Tommy’s Comment: Why?!?!?!?!?!?

Chapter 7

By Murky


Chapter 8

By Tommy

Well, Daniel transferred back to his old school. We’re doomed. Honestly. Doom has come.

Chapter 9

By Daniel

HI Guys. No, doom hasn’t come… yet. Harvey may “run” the school with General Fold. Well, I shall come back. Soon. Super-Gami isn’t the only hope. You guys are. You can save the school. You ask about the Soapy thing, well. Sorry, can’t explain now. Mom is coming. Hiding paper under table. nufhshduaiuhduw. WHAT! I DID NOT WRITE THAT! Sorry, my hand quivers. Also, Tommy, here. Super-Gami. I don’t need him. I have some more things to help with.

Harvey’s Comment: No Comment

Tommy’s Comment: Daniel is right. He isn’t the only hope. Dwight, and all the other kids are, too.

Coming Soon: Batfold and Robfold.


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