The Tale Of Weirdness



It seems that there is another ”weird” kid at another school named CJ!


Has his own blog.

One day he said ”I’m a magical crab” and started walking like a crab.

He says ”Purple” alot.

He uses a strange languge

He is OBSESSED with origami!!!!!!

He can burp whenever he wants!

He is a great great doodler!!!!!

He LOVES pie!

He is a superfolder!!!

Has his own TV and radio and vacuum cleaner.

Got the YouTube song “pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows” stuck in everyone’s head.

Has a song about pie.

Has a song about BELLS!

Is happy a LOT LOT LOT LOT!!!!!

To be COUNYTINUED in the tale of weirdness 2, DWIGHT VS CJ!


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