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3. Jerk’s comments will be edited or spammed.
4. Dont bother trying to hack anyone we have a lot of staff members.
5. tell the truth! 😀
6. Be nice to everyone!
7. Admins will not be added randomly for no reason. Sorry. You must do awesome things or be a personal friend to me.
8. If any conflicts arise. NO BATTLES WILL BE HELD HERE.
9. If any admins do anything bad ON ANY SITE, they will be blacklisted and fired.
10. The Supa Dupa Folders are added personally.
11. If your an admin, don’t add any other admins, editors, or anything of the sort, except followers. Even you, Hansel. I know your co-co-owner, but this IS my site, so my rules. (Unless your Darth CJ, then feel free.)



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